Package datapane.client.api

API docs for Datapane Client

These docs describe the Python API for building Datapane Reports, along with additional information on the Datapane Teams API.

Usage docs for Datapane can be found at

These objects are all available under the datapane module, via import datapane as dp (they are re-exported from datapane.client.api).

Datapane Reports API

The core reporting APIs are available on both the public and teams plans, these are found in, including,

Datapane Teams

Additional API docs for teams and enterprise features are found in datapane.client.api.teams that provide automation and sharing of data analytics workflows

Note: These docs describe the latest version of the datapane API available on pypi

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Base classes …

Datapane Reports API …


Script runtime API …


Datapane Teams API …


Datapane User API …